Your organization can help

Civic organizations, educational institutions and clubs can also play a role in sponsoring National Adoption Day events or helping to raise awareness about the need for children in foster care to find loving, permanent families.

For example, your organization can be an adoption advocate during November's National Adoption Month and all year long with the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption's free Foster Care Adoption Awareness Toolkit. To order your free toolkit and other resources, visit

Your organization can support National Adoption Day by volunteering for an event in your area. For a listing of events near you, click here.

Or, you can host a National Adoption Day event by inviting members of your organization to join you for a workshop, picnic, reception or other event in celebration of adoptive families and generate awareness of waiting children. To partner with a local foster care adoption agency, visit

Be a part of National Adoption Day

You can be part of the national effort and get free National Adoption Day balloons by registering your event at

Many of the tips and resources found on this site for individuals, faith-based organizations and businesses can be adapted to the needs of other groups. We encourage you to review the following resources and consider how they might be used within the guidelines of your own organization.

Find out what events are happening in your area here.

Please note, materials may have the date from the 2013 event. This website is undergoing a major redesign and will relaunch in late October. The date for National Adoption Day is November 22, 2014.

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