Frequently asked questions

When is National Adoption Day?

National Adoption Day is celebrated the Saturday before Thanksgiving. This year it is November 22, 2014.

Why should I register my event?

By registering your National Adoption Day event, you will receive complimentary National Adoption Day balloons and discounted teddy bears from Fiesta Toy. In addition, you can purchase National Adoption Day themed merchandise such as banners, balloons, shirts, mugs and pens for your event.

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How do I start planning a National Adoption Day event?

Your first step is to ensure that the juvenile court (or, in some cases, the probate court) will participate. The court must coordinate its court staff and security, as well as the judicial officers, in order to open the doors on a Saturday to complete the adoption hearings. In most cases, the staff time is volunteered and the judges offer their services at no cost.

Once the court has agreed to participate, the appropriate local Department of Children and Family Services must agree to finalize its paperwork in time for the lawyers to prepare their paperwork. This often involves streamlining the home study process and keeping the bureaucratic process at optimum speed.

If the city decides to use pro bono law firms and attorneys to finalize the adoptions, the local bar association or a children’s rights group can be involved to train the lawyers and assist them with the appropriate paperwork and confirmation hearings.

You can also plan an event that celebrates adoption but does not include adoption finalizations.

How do I pay for goody bags, disposable cameras and other event items?

Ask local businesses and organizations to donate them. Perhaps someone in your area could sponsor the printing of signage for your event. Maybe the pro bono law firms can provide disposable cameras for the families. Be specific when asking for food donations, and be sure to include paper goods, plastic cups, forks and similar items.

Any additional tips for event planners?

Be sure to thank everyone involved - especially the judges, clerks and other court personnel, social services staff, lawyers and others who have donated their time and given up their Saturday to support kids and families and make the day possible.

The resources on this site for businesses, individuals, faith-based organizations and other groups will provide you with updated materials to help make your event a success. If you have additional questions, please contact us.

Most importantly, enjoy the day! Know that you are part of one of the most important events in the lives of adoptive families. They will remember it forever.

How do I get my community involved?

Whether you are helping to raise awareness of National Adoption Day, hoping to get involved with your community's celebration, or interested in foster care adoption, check the resources on this site for businesses, individuals, faith-based organizations and other groups.

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