Local spokespeople & government involvement

Involving your community

Encourage local businesses, faith organizations and other community organizations to become involved by inviting them to attend your local events or to donate materials or staff time.

Involving your elected government officials

Don’t forget to ask your members of Congress, governor, state legislators, mayor, and city council to show their support by issuing a proclamation or resolution, writing a news release or op ed, posting on their social media sites, or giving a speech at your event in recognition of National Adoption Day. It’s easy. Send the letter below to your elected government official. The letter can be customized to include information about your local event and other resources for how elected officials can participate in National Adoption Day.

Please be sure to direct the elected official's press staff to the elected officials toolkit for samples from other elected officials and templates of how they can participate.

For more information about how elected officials can participate in National Adoption Day, please contact Allison at 202-544-8500 or allison@ccainstitute.org.

Utilizing spokespeople

For a family, sharing their inspiring and positive experience of adopting a child is a powerful way to help people understand the life-changing experience of foster care adoption. To attract the media and potential adoptive parents to your event, invite a variety of family and community spokespeople.

Please note, materials may have the date from the 2013 event. This website is undergoing a major redesign and will relaunch in late October. The date for National Adoption Day is November 22, 2014.

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