November 20    5:00 pm

2nd Annual Adoption Day

We invite families to schedule their adoption on our Annual Adoption Day. Our Adoption Day is always the Tuesday before Thanksgiving; what more could we be thankful for? We have teddy bears for the children, pink and blue lollipops with "It's a Boy" or It's a Girl. We have created a court Adoption Tree and we attach "hearts of love" to represent each child we adopt. We take photographs to memorialize the event and to send home with the families. We invite agencies, judges and other members of the community to join us for cake and punch and good conversation. This is only our 2nd year celebrating this event, but I am sure it will continue long into the future. My goal is to make it bigger and better every year!
Saginaw County Family Court - Juvenile Division
3360 Hospital Road
Saginaw, MI 48603
Kristine Sabo
9897992821 ext 4105
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