Benton & Franklin Counties 7th Annual National Adoption Day

Franklin County Courthouse
7122 W. Okanogan Pl., Bldg A
Kennewick, Washington

November 16, 2012 at 1:00 PM

Event Details:

This will be Benton and Franklin Counties' 7th Annual National Adoption Day celebration. Every year we rotate locations between Benton County Justice Center and Franklin County Courthouse. This year, we will celebrate at Franklin County Courthouse. We have a GREAT committee and always have an awesome turnout! Lots of family fun :)

Contact Information:

Tiffany Husom
Administrative Assistant, Benton/Franklin County Superior Court
509-736-3071 ext. 32

Event Type(s):

  • Press conference or other media outreach
  • Celebration for adoptive families (entertainment, activities, picnic, etc.)
  • Information booth at courthouse or a community fair
  • Courthouse adoption event

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