Skagit County National Adoption Day

Skagit County Court in Mount Vernon, WA
205 W. Kincaid
Mount Vernon, Washington

November 16, 2012 at 3:00 PM

Event Details:

Following adoption finalizations, a celebration of National Adoption Day will take place. Judges, Commisioners, and one or two additional guest speakers will address those in attendance to highlight the importance of the day. Directly following, all guests will be invited to partake of cake and refreshments. Guests will be families of children previously adopted as well as the newly adoptive families, judicial officers, county government officials, social workers, Guardian Ad Litems, dependency attorneys, community stakeholders, and media representatives.

Contact Information:

Jami Belieu
Adoption Supervisor, DSHS

Event Type(s):

  • Press conference or other media outreach
  • Celebration for adoptive families (entertainment, activities, picnic, etc.)
  • Courthouse adoption event

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