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Adoption Day
Friday November, 21, 9:00 am at Grant Superior Court 2
We will hold final adoption hearings, provide photo opportunities for the families, and provide treats and gifts for children in attendance.


Windsor Heights

HOPE Adoption Conference
Saturday November, 22, 12:30 pm at Des Moines, IA
HOPE Adoption Conference 2014 celebrates adoption, educates individuals about adoption and motivates people to engage in caring for children who need families.



National Adoption Day Celebration
Saturday November, 22, 5:40 am at Richmond, KY
Judges will make numerous adoptions offical this day. We plan on inviting foster care agencies to speak along with families that have adopted. Local government officals and other community memebers will be invited to celebrate.


Chevy Chase

Kids' Adoption Network Conference/Carnival
Saturday November, 22, 9:00 am at National 4-H Youth Conference Center
The Kids’ Adoption Network Conference began as an annual event in 1998. Since then, the Center for Adoption Support and Education (C.A.S.E.) has designed and successfully implemented fifteen Kids’ Adoption Network Conferences reaching over 2,500 adopted children and their parents. Each year, approximately 125 adopted children from grades 1st-12th spend a unique day immersed in programs which acknowledge the joys of adoptive families. Parents spend the day in inspirational, educational workshops that explore common adoption themes and provide effective strategies to address some of the challenges of adoptive parenting. The opening and closing activities of the Conference are specifically focused on celebrating and affirming adoptive families.

New Market

Frederick County DSS Adoption Celebration
Friday November, 21, 5:00 pm at Adventure Park USA
Private event for families who have adopted through Frederick County, MD Department of Social Services over the last year. We will be celebrating the finalization of over 20 adoptions.


Garrett County DSS Adoption Celebration
Saturday November, 22, 2:05 am at The Ally Oakland, Maryland
National Adoption Day Celebration for Garrett County DSS Oakland, MD.


Adoption Day
Saturday November, 22, 9:00 am at Baltimore County Circuit Court, Towson
Courtroom ceremony/reception.


Ann Arbor

Adoption Day - Ann Arbor, MI
Tuesday November, 25, 10:00 am at 101 E. Huron St., Ann Arbor, MI
We will be hosting adoptive families on this day to finalize their adoptions and have a brief celebration following all adoptions. We will also have an informational table available as well for those interested in learning more about adoption.


Michigan Adoption Day
Tuesday November, 25, 2:00 pm at Gaylord, MI
Hon. Michael Cooper will be presiding. An Adoption Day celebration will follow the final adoption hearing with cake and refreshments for all present. Adoption information will be available. Open to the public.


Adoption Day 2014
Friday November, 21, 10:00 am at Gratiot County Circuit Courtroom
Milk and cookies will be provided for all. Adoptees will receive a gavel, certificate, and book.


Adoption Day
Tuesday November, 25, 10:00 am at Kalamazoo County 9th Circuit Court
Adoption Day for Kalamazoo County 9th Circuit Court.


Adoption Day
Friday November, 21, 2:00 pm at Marquette, MI
Celebration Open House with Family Court Judge and Adoptive Families.


Adoption Day
Tuesday November, 25, 9:00 am at Courthouse Annex 105 South Court Street Mio MI 48647
Celebrating adoption and success stories. November 25, 2014, we hope to educate the public about the many foster children who need permanent homes. We hope to celebrate many happy occasions such as adoption, as part of Michigan Adoption Day 2014.



Hennepin County's National Adoption Day Celebration
Saturday November, 22, 9:00 am at Minneapolis, MN
Hennepin County will celebrate National Adoption Day on November 22, 2014. Families will finalize adoptions in Juvenile Court. Families, staff and volunteers will hear a brief program with a variety of speakers congratulating the families. There will be cake, balloons, activities for the children and professional portraits available for the families.

Saint Paul

National Adoption Day 2014!
Saturday November, 22, 9:00 am at Ramsey County Juvenile and Family Justice Center
National Adoption Day Celebration!

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