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More than 44,500 children in foster care have been adopted on National Adoption Day. It’s a day that represents new lives for children and for their parents. Learn what National Adoption Day means to those who have experienced it first hand.

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Willie Garson

Category: Families and adoptees

Los Angeles, CA

Category: Families and adoptees

Moorhead, MN

We originally became licensed for foster care only to do respite for mom's that needed a break. Over time our goals changed from short term to long term to forever. We have adopted 5 children from foster care and we are guardian for another. All of them were considered "special needs" for one reason or another. We also have 3 biological children.

Category: Families and adoptees

Topeka, KS

When my husband and I became foster parents through TFI, we had no idea how much it would change our lives. Having 3 boys of our own, of course we said "YES" for a little girl.

Category: Families and adoptees

North Canton, OH

I am 19 years old and at 6 months old I came here to the U.S. from Seoul South Korea. I am very thankful and blessed that I was adopted into a very loving family. Adoption is great because it turns a negative situation into a positive situation. It is sad for the parents giving up their child up but happy for the parents who are getting their child they always wanted and longed for. Being adopted, there can be some struggles, but as time goes on you start to grow out of the things you found difficult or you just learned how to cope. I am very lucky to be adopted into a very loving, supportive home who loves me like I was their biological child. It feels great to love someone so much and to be accepted. I love my family as if they were my biological family and what is great is, YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE BLOOD RELATED, OR HAVE THE SAME GENETICS TO BE FAMILY!

Category: Families and adoptees

Oakland, MD

We were with our darling daughter less than 24 hours after her birth, however it almost exactly a year to finalize her adoption. That was a very nervous time, but the day we finally went to court to complete the adoption was a very magical end to the journey. We went into a courtroom, where every family in there was sharing the same wonderful experience, they were making their families whole. As we waited for our turn, it became clear that each family in that room was so special, and so full of love. Seeing the balloons, the smiling faces, even one little girl with a special dress and crown on, it was like dreams were being realized for both the adults and children in the room! Adoption made our family complete, and we look forward to adopting a sibling for our daughter in the near future!

Category: Families and adoptees

Wellesley, MA

Category: Families and adoptees

Daytona Beach, FL

Since a kid I always said I wanted to adopt. Well July 8, 2013 my dream finally came true. I am now the mother of three beautiful children whom I can nurture, guide and love for the rest of their lives. Getting to this point wasn't very easy. It was a journey of worry and heartache but it was well worth the battle. I would surely adopt again.

Category: Families and adoptees

fort lauderdale, FL

The day I finalized the adoption of my handsome son back in May 2006 was the best day of my life. My son was bord to drug addictted parents. The first day I met him he was 4and 1/2 months old. I coudn't stop staring at him and I knew we were meant to be together. I was so nervous that day and I cried a whole lot. Just full of emotion because I wanted to be the best mom for him. I remeber the judge hitting the gavel and I finally took a deep breath but cried some more. Well my son will be 10 years old in December and nothing brings me the kind of joy the way he does!!!

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