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More than 44,500 children in foster care have been adopted on National Adoption Day. It’s a day that represents new lives for children and for their parents. Learn what National Adoption Day means to those who have experienced it first hand.

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Fort Riley, KS

Category: Families and adoptees

Covina, CA

Dallas, TX Adoption Story

Category: Families and adoptees

Dallas, TX

I am an adoptee and if it was not for my loving parents I don't know where I would be. There have been days when I felt ashamed of who I was because I didn't know who I was. Unlike some adoptive kids who have an idea I was adopted as a small child and don't have a clue who my biological family is. I thank God everyday for this journey I've been on and realize now that I am a special person because God set aside this journey for a few of us and never takes his hand off us! I now have two biological children of my own and the thing I missed the most God has fullfilled because I have been with them from the birth to my daughter graduating from high school to my son sprouting to almost 6 feet at 12 years old. I hope to be a major part and advocate for adoption in America!

Tallahassee, FL Adoption Story

Category: Families and adoptees

Tallahassee, FL

Our adoption story is one worth sharing to inspire hope to those older foster children still waiting for a forever family. We started our adoption journey 8 years ago, having four biological daughters at home,we set out to adopt Jacob(10yr), Josiah(4yr) and Joseph(2yr). One week before we met our boys for the first time, Jacob said to his case worker, "Go ahead and adopt out my baby brothers, I don't want them to suffer anymore because of me. I know no one will ever want me, I'm too old." We fell in love with them and had them adopted within the year. Six months of adjusting to our enlarged family, we received a call from the state saying the boy's birth mom had another son and they wanted to know if we would take him too. We brought Joel,our unexpected blessing home, and had him adopted within the year. Now having 4 girls and 4 boys, our house was very full and very lively. The two older daughters, Diana and Michelle, got married and we moved to a larger home to accomodate our growing family. During all of this, we received another call from the state saying the birth mother had another baby and they asked if we would take him as well. Two days after the second wedding we picked up our 5th son, Jeremiah. In the next two years, he was adopted and our last two daughters, Victoria and Rachel, left home. We got a very unexpected phone call, again from the state, the boys had a 6th brother born. Just two years ago, we adopted Jonathan, the last of our 10 children. We are so thankful the State wanted to keep these children together, and we were able to take them. Our life has been enriched, knowing we were able to restore hope to a child who had lost all hope and keep these brothers together, we are truly blessed! (even though our children were adopted all through the year and not all on national Adoption Day, their adoption story is just as priceless and meaningful.)

Revere, Massachusetts Adoption Story

Category: Families and adoptees

Revere, MA

My husband and I talked about adoption in December 2008 before we left on our drive to Georgia for a holiday road trip. We went on the Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange (MARE) website and inquired via e-mail and couldn’t wait for a response. During the drive we talked and talked about it. When we got to Georgia we talked to family members about adoption. My husband’s mom is a Social Worker and his aunt and uncle are foster parents. On the drive back we were cruising through Maryland, we believe, and the decision was made. Our family wanted to adopt a child.

When we got back we made all the necessary contacts, filled out all the paperwork, went to class and became certified pre-adoptive parents. Once our homestudy was complete we started going to adoption parties. At the first one at the Jamaica Plain Police Station, a social worker was seeking us out, as he had heard we wanted to foster to adopt an older child of color, and he found us. “Oh, there you are, you are the Evans family come with me, I have someone you HAVE to meet”, he exclaimed. He took us to 10-year-old Malcom, a very quite boy with gorgeous hazel eyes and molatto skin. We tried having conversation with Malcom but he wasn’t budging. He was one of our choices that day. Two weeks later we went to Jordan’s Furniture Adoption Option party and Malcom was there. When he saw us, he remembered us and we FINALLY spoke, we played a game of skee ball and had some ice cream and we were convinced that this is our child.

Malcom moved in with us in April 2010 after three months of having weekly visits and he adopted us on National Adoption Day. We were the featured family for the ceremony in Boston and we were so excited as we got to tell our story with the Governor, all the adoptive families and their children and everyone from the Department of Children and Families present. We love being parents so much we will be fostering to adopt Malcom’s 8-year-old maternal half-brother soon!

Cherryville, NC Adoption Story

Category: Families and adoptees

cherryville, NC

My husband and I had 2 sweet girls of our own, which we found out were coming on Dec 26th of '96 with the first and Dec 26th of '97 with the second. We felt our family wasn't quite complete, so we prayed for another child, all the while we were taking foster care classes. Then on Dec 26th of '08 we were called about a fragile baby girl with heart disease and were asked to take her. Of course we did, and fell in love with her from the first second. On July 16th, of '10 she was officially ours!! Some Christmas gifts are lost or given away, but I have 3 gifts that will forever be mine!

São Paulo Adoption Story

Category: Families and adoptees

São Paulo, CA

Faço parte de um grupo de apoio a adoção em Sorocaba São Paulo/Brasil,e tenho uma menina de 13 anos só que ela é + mas a amamos tanto quanto nossos filhos biologicos, nosso grupo é bem grande todos com filhos adotivos.

Los Angeles Adoption Story

Category: Families and adoptees

Los Angeles, CA

A little over 2 years ago, we began the process of becoming parents through foster adoption. Here's my blog entry from this weekend:

"What a weekend. It rained.

It also rained on the day we drove downtown to get married three and a half years ago, so we had a good association with rain in L.A., now it’s made permanent. The press conference was at 1 o’clock, and we were the first court case at 1:30. We arrived at about ten after, and the first person we saw was my brother, Mikey's Uncle Moosh, holding a Buzz Lightyear mylar balloon for Mikey. Buzz Lightyear is Mikey’s latest obsession ever since Disneyland, and he calls him “Eyte Ear.”

On the fifth floor, the press conference was behind schedule, but all our friends had arrived early, ahead of us. In addition to Uncle Mikey, Aunt Kelly, and Cousin Natalie, we immediately were embraced by 25 other local friends who insisted on being in court in the middle of a day on a Friday. Susan and Lee and their son, Mikey’s buddy, Lanyon arrived shortly thereafter to Mikey’s delight, and just in time since Mikey was in the middle of his normal naptime and feeling overwhelmed.

The actual hearing was quick. After the conference, we went into room 419, where Judge Michael Nash made a speech, and then the actress Nia Vardalos asked us some questions, to which the answer was always “Yes.” The court asked us for our names and to spell them, which I stumbled over, and then to identify our friends in the audience and I drew a blank. Mikey grabbed all the stuffed bears in sight and fell out of his chair with a thump. When Nia Vardalos started crying during the questions, Ian lost it too. Basically, it was a shambles. A glorious shambles.

Afterwards, we had a couple interviews with local and national newspapers, and Mikey’s lawyer Cynthia Billey and all of her associates at the Children’s Alliance made sure the paperwork was all done and we were out.

On Saturday, we packed up the car during Mikey’s nap, and then as soon as he opened one eye, he was out in his seat, being whisked away again. He said, drowsily, “Home!” But we said, “You’re going to a party at Theo’s!” And he said, “Theo?! Party!” and got very excited. At Theo’s (and Graham, Ali, and Sophia's) home, we had a party for most of the people who came to the court hearing, plus the Bradstreets and a number of other folk who couldn’t take off the middle of the day for the court but wanted to celebrate. Among them was Ian's boss Norman and Lyn Lear and their family, and another of Mikey’s attorneys, his education advocate, Sasha Stern, also made an appearance, to tell us that cases like Mikey’s is the reason she can get out of bed in the morning.

It was a blast with champagne for the grown-ups, trampoline jumping for the young ‘uns, and high calorie, low nutrient snacks for all. We lost track of how many people Mikey got to surreptitiously sneak him a cupcake.

Today is totally low key. We went to the Farmers Market, had some tamales (Mikey’s two requests of today, reflecting the Most Multicultural Child On Earth was “Marmite!” and “Tamale!”), and picked up some exotic mushrooms for dinner. Mikey is theoretically having his first uninterrupted nap of the last two days, but in true fashion, isn’t interested in sleep now that he can do it.

There is finally silence in his room. My son's asleep.

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