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More than 44,500 children in foster care have been adopted on National Adoption Day. It’s a day that represents new lives for children and for their parents. Learn what National Adoption Day means to those who have experienced it first hand.

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Saginaw, Michigan Forever Family

Category: Families and adoptees

Saginaw, MI

Children: 1

About 25 years ago I decided that I wanted children. After my husband passed away, I decided that I was going to adopt. I was excited to hear that I was accepted for adoption, and that I could pick up my daughter in one month. I had thought up many names for her, and then I remembered that my husband had a sister, whom he had loved very much, had passed away when he was in high school. I had decided to name her after her. The month had arrived and I went to pick up my 10 month old baby, Joanna Marie. I have never been happier.

Dennis and Patti

Category: Families and adoptees

Syracuse, NY

On July of this year we traveled to China and adopted our little girl of 5 years old and we were so excited. That was just on step in a long journey for us as a "forever family" that started nearly 3 years ago.

After being told that I would not be having any children of my own I really had no question in my mind that the next step would be adoption. I myself am adopted and have wonderful parents. I have had the best role models and knew that I wanted to be Mother just like my Mother did. So we started out on the journey to adopt. When we went to New Life Adoption in Syracuse we filled out paper work for both Domestic and Chinese adoption. Never dreaming that we would be able to adopt two children. We have been blessed with a little baby boy that was placed in our foster care at two days old back in 2008. On National Adoption Day we will finally become his "forever family". I can't believe what great gifts I have been given. I did this for only one reason. I wanted to be a mother just like my Mother. She has shown me great love and for that I am thankful. I can't wait until the 19th of November. For me it is like giving birth.

Jackie's Story

Category: Families and adoptees

Naples, FL

I always wanted to have children - non-negotiable and the only thing in my life that I was always certain of. I began my quest to have a biological child in 1984. Fast forward - I married my husband in 2002. On 3/1/07 we became foster parents, met Angelo on 3/12/07, he came to live with us on 3/18/07 and on 10/23/08 legally became our son. He was our son since the first time we met him.

Twenty three years is a long time, age 45, but God had a plan. One of the most interesting pieces is that we moved to Las Vegas, Nevada in 2005 for my husband's job, planning to adopt from China. After being in Las Vegas for a very short time, it was made very clear that we were meant to foster/adopt. We proceeded with getting licensed as foster parents. While we thought the reason for Las Vegas was a job -it clearly was for our son.

We relocated back to Florida in 2009 after both being laid off in the first quarter of 2009 in Nevada. Our intent was always to move back to Florida and while it's been a challenge economically, I would not have changed anything as I finally realized my life dream and am blessed beyond belief with the most wonderful husband and son.

Siobhan M

Category: Families and adoptees

Fort Worth, TX

I had decided long ago to adopt rather than have biological children. Perhaps it had to do with the young, pregnant women my family fostered when I was young....perhaps it was my fear of having a girl JUST LIKE ME who would run me ragged just as I did my parents. Whatever the reason, I took my dive into the world of foster/adoption three years ago.

The third child placed with me was a confused, frightened 10-year-old girl. I could see the humor, intelligence and potential, but we only had a few short months together.....enough to make me wonder if perhaps girls weren't QUITE as frightening as I supposed. A year later, I received a call informing my that my girl was back in care, and would I consider taking her back. I had to think about it (hard to believe now!) as I already had two toddlers and an infant - one would have to be moved. After examining my conscience and decided that a move would be far easier for an infant who had been with me only days versus a young woman who was currently staying in a shelter and told them to bring her over! It took three more agonizing weeks before they could remove her from the shelter. When she returned we had more of the crying and fear but things started to settle far easier this second time around. In the meantime, my sibling foster sons returned home and my 14th placement came knocking on my door - an adorable 6 month old boy. As time passed and it became more evident that adoption was a possibility with both. Just a few weeks ago, I was proud to go before a judge on two separate occasions, exactly a week apart, to make these two loving children part of my forever family. I still can't believe that I wound up adopting a pre-teen girl who is JUST LIKE ME! I also manage a bookstore where we regularly do book drives for our Tarrant County CASAs so that they can share the beauty of books with other children in our system. It is an effort embraced by all of my employees and regular customers who have gotten to know my children and - through me - have had the chance to 'meet' just a few of our children in care. Children who have hopes, dreams, potential and beauty....Children who need FAMILIES, no matter their age, race.....or, in my case, gender! ;-)


Category: Families and adoptees

Fayetteville, AR

Children: 1

We adopted our little boy from the foster care system. He was 4 months old when he first came to us. After going through several obstacles, he finally became our little boy forever in 2008! There are many struggles that one faces with working with the foster care system. Everyone needs to remember it is always about the children, not you. You must follow God's plan and accept His journey that he has put you on. All will be done for the Glory of God! Your family will be complete. Never lose the faith.

Georgia B

Category: Families and adoptees

Inman, KS

Children: 3

My husband and I were married 13 years before we plunged into the idea of expanding our family. I am adopted and I always knew I wanted to give a child a wonderful like through adoption just as I was given.

After exploring private and international adoption an acquaintance got us excited about foster care adoption. Within 2 months of being licensed, a 20-month-old little boy was placed with us, and within another 2 months, a 6-week-old little boy joined our family. Just when we thought our lives were complete, we received a phone call saying our oldest had a full sister coming in the system and asked if we would like her as well.

My husband and I as well as our family has been blessed by these children. Every day we wake up and can not believe how lucky we are to have three healthy children who needed us as much as we needed them. I truly believe God has a purpose for each of us and my purpose was to give these wonderful children a chance at life. God works in mysterious ways and Val, the acquaintance, is now one of my best friends I lean on constantly for support as there were many trying times getting through the "system", but we survived because of our faith and love for the children placed with us. Jesse, Drew, and Marlee have given us so much in the time they have lived with us and now I feel it is my time to be the best possible forever mom they deserve.

Rebecca & Jeff A.

Category: Families and adoptees

Clinton, TN

Children: 2

When I turned 30, I felt my biological clock just a ticking away. We didn't have the tons of money it cost to adopt through private agencies or to adopt overseas. A very good friend of ours suggested we try adopting through the foster care system. She told us that if we adopted through them then we didn't have to pay for the adoption.

We looked into taking our classes and went to the first informational meeting. I told my husband that we can take these classes and we are not obligated to taking any kids. My husband was still a little unsure about the whole thing, but we did sign up for our PATH classes.

Soon after I was contacted by the co-leader of our PATH classes who was calling to give me a heads up on a 2-month-old infant. Sure enough, an hour later I got the call that would change our lives forever.

Our daughter was only 2 months old when she came to live with us. Fast forward to about two years later when parental rights were finally terminated and they informed me that the biological mother was pregnant again and would we be interested? Of course!! And it was a boy (my whole family is FULL of girls). Our daughter's full blooded biological brother came to live with us when he was 3 months old.

Shortly after that we were blessed BEYOND our measure when we adopted our healthy, smart and VERY active daughter. A while afterward, parental rights were terminated on her brother. We adopted her brother and our son when he was about 2 1/2 years old. It has been an AWESOME blessing from God to have these children come and live with us. We also have 3 adopted dogs so on National Adoption Day we got to celebrate 5 adoptions!


Category: Families and adoptees

Roth, CA

Children: 3

Michael was 18 months old when he came to me. Nathan was 5 weeks old and was a foster child until the age of four when I adopted him. Samantha came to me at 3 months old and was a foster child until I adopted her at age three. All three are siblings. I adopted each one of them as a single parent. Yes, there were challenges. But, they turned out to be the greatest kids. I had so much fun raising them. And even with the hard times,and there were some, I would do it over and over again. They are the greatest kids. All three have made me so proud. All I can say is life would never had been the same without them.

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