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More than 44,500 children in foster care have been adopted on National Adoption Day. It’s a day that represents new lives for children and for their parents. Learn what National Adoption Day means to those who have experienced it first hand.

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Broomfield, CO

Almost 7 years ago we found out that the only option for us to have children would be adoption. We have known since the day we married over 10 years ago, adoption was going to be part of our life, just didn't think it was going to be our only option. A few months after finding out this information we went to church and met a couple who had adopted two children through Adam's County Foster Care. We had never heard of legal risk or Foster to Adopt options. They explained the process and put us in touch with the adoption coordinator for the county. It took us a while to get through the initial phases of getting certified. In part because I was going through a bit of grieving still of not being able to carry a child. We received our approval almost exactly 9 months before we were placed with Steph. She came to us just after June 1, and a few weeks after her 2nd birthday. We knew from the second we laid eyes on her she was a member of our family. Her case was extremely low risk, and TPR was processed in August. We were so excited to learn we would be able to finalize on National Adoption day. We had almost 20 family and friends in the courtroom with us that day. We had such fun. The caseworkers, lawyers, and judges all were having fun finalizing forever homes. We had infants through a 16 year old get their forever families that day. The following June we were placed with our son. He was just shy of his first birthday. His bio mom was more involved, and took almost two years before TPR was done. We were able to finalize his adoption in February 2010.

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Yelm, WA

This year we were so blessed to celebrate National Adoption Day in adoption of our two precious foster children. On November 16, 2012, they officially became members of our family forever. Of course, they were already special members of our family and had stolen our hearts long ago. They are siblings; our little girl is two years old and our little boy is 13 months old. Our baby came into our home when he was 2 days old. His sister came when her brother was 6 months old. She was 20 months old at the time. They are so much fun and of course keep our lives busy. We have been licensed to do foster care through Tacoma Youth For Christ for almost 3 years. Last December we adopted our then 23 month old daughter, who had been in our home since she was 2 months old. She is now almost 3. The little ones bring so much laughter and joy to our home and have blessed us all. Our adopted kids joined our 4 biological kids, who are all teenagers. Our teens welcomed the little ones into our home with open arms and lots of love. It has been really awesome to see the transformation in our home through adoption. We are blessed to have a relationship with our adopted kids' parents and grandparents and feel like we have gained many extended family members. We believe adoption is AWESOME!!

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Springfield, MO

I always wanted to adopt. My husband wasn't opposed to the idea, but didn't love it either. I prayed God would take my desire away or would share it with Terry. Our three children grew up and neither of us changed. When we hit our mid 40's I quit praying. When our youth pastor's wife found out I had always wanted to adopt, she asked me to pray about it again. I did and after two weeks worked up the courage to tell Terry I was praying again. He said a half-hearted prayer that God answered extremely loudly.

My plan was to adopt a single pre-teen or young teen that would not set us back too far. As we prayed, we both felt The Lord was asking us to adopt three children. We took the classes and had our home-study. As we were finishing our classes, they asked us if we would consider a 10 month old and two 2 year old siblings. The oldest had RAD and serious behavior issues. They thought the little girl may be mildly mentally retarded. The baby had mild physical issues. I said no way. I had no desire to go back to having three in diapers. Terry was like a kid at Christmas. I became the one God had to work on.

As we prayed about them, it quickly became obvious they belonged to us. It has been very trying and difficult, but also more wonderful than I can possibly express. They are now 4, 6 and 7 and such a joy. God has made a huge difference in their little lives. The oldest boy still has issues, but he has become such a sweet little boy. Our little girl is bright and doing well in school. They have all come so far. People who knew them before can not believe the change. Our older children are 28, 26 and 22. If we can do this, God can use anyone. Pray and ask God to reveal his heart to you. I can't wait to see what God has in store for them and whether or not there are more children out there that belong to our family.

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Centerville, OH

After dealing with infertility for over 18 months, we felt led to adopt through foster care. We were licensed in October of 2010 and received our first placement just a few weeks later.

Our third placement was a beautiful little boy named Antonio who was only two months old. He was so precious to us and only a few weeks after he was placed with us, we were able to start the adoption process. On March 7, 2012, Antonio became Elijah Jacob Oliver! We are so blessed with this little guy!

We now have hopes to adopt our very first little guy placed with us. We have had him for over two years, and in the next few months we hope to start the adoption process with him as well.

God has truly blessed us through adoption. He has given us some awesome kiddos and we are so grateful to be their forever parents!

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Watauga, TX

If I had only known what children God had in store for us then I never would have worried or stressed about it. We adopted our son, Dakota from Fort Worth. Ten years later God place our daughter, Makayla, into our family from Belize. I would do it all again if given the opportunity!

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Minneapolis, MN

My wife and I decided we wanted to adopt and after much prayer we decided to adopt from Guatemala. I remember getting the call back in the fall of 2002 that our son had been born. The process to bring him home was in full swing and we traveled to receive our son in the spring of 2003. I remember seeing him for the first time in the flesh and nothing but tears of joy fell down our cheeks. We visited with the foster mom and she shared what our son loves and his other habits. There were a lot of tears shed that day. We stayed in the city a few more days to complete the adoption and then made our way home to enjoy our beautiful son. He just celebrated his 10th birthday.

It was in 2004 that we decided to pursue a second adoption and this time it was a little girl. We received the call in the fall of 2005 that our little girl had been born. We made our travel plans to go to Guatemala in the winter of 2006. She had the most beautiful black hair and big brown eyes. She melted my heart and wrapped me around her finger immediately. Not much has changed in 7 years. She is as beautiful as the day I laid eyes on her and she still has me wrapped around her finger.

It is such a joy to watch our kids grow up and to see them making their friends, playing sports and flourishing in school.

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Menifee, CA

Fifteen years ago , July 1997, I woke up and decided I wanted a baby. I didn't want to keep trying to get pregnant, it had been 2 1/2 years. I found an adoption agency and we signed up in August 1997. We met our a birth mother in September 1997 and our beautiful bouncy baby boy Tallas was born on 12/18/97. Two years later I got pregnant with another bouncy baby boy, Matthew. Four years after that we decided we wanted a girl. I had had a hysterectomy two years earlier. We contacted our adoption attorney in May of 2004 and we went to meet with her. I told her I wanted twin girls. She laughed at me and told me it would never happen. I told her just to remember that I wanted twins. On July 2, 2004 she called and said twin girls were expected to arrive in August and were we interested. The next day we drove nine hours to meet a birth mom living in a homeless shelter expecting twins and who had other children. We spent the weekend with them. I brought photo albums and videos and showed her as much about us as I could. I asked her to let us be her daughters parents. We took her back to the shelter and she was told she had received a lot of calls regarding the twins. We left and three days later on July 7, 2004 she called to tell us she had selected us. On August 18 (18 is now our lucky number :D), 2004 our beautiful daughters, Zoe and Hannah, were born. We took them home from the hospital. Their mom had 30 days to change her mind. I held my breath for 30 days thinking this was to good to be true. Today they are 8 years old. I thank my children every day for letting me be their mom.

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West Hartford, CT

Fifteen years ago, when my husband and I chose adoption to build a family, open adoption was a new concept. But we choose open adoption because it just made sense to us that our children would benefit from knowing their heritage. My daughter did know her birth mother, through pictures, letters and phone calls. But all we knew about her birth father was a name, James, and that seemed like enough. Most people never ask much about the father; it is the mother everyone is fascinated with. Yet over the years my daughter began to tell herself a story about this man.

“He doesn’t care about me, he didn’t want me and he never thinks about me” were common thoughts she would share. Without knowing anything different, I assumed she was correct. Until a few years ago when a wise therapist suggested that maybe there was another side to the story and it would be wise to try and find out. So we began a search, unsure of what we would find but willing to trust that the truth, even it was my daughter’s worst fear, would be better than not knowing. Out of the blue our search resulted in a letter, which then resulted in a photo, which resulted in a reunion. For us it has turned out the best we could hope for. James wasn’t a kind, loving man at 19 when he learned he was going to be a father and signed away his rights but he matured, grew and changed. He found love, he became a father and he wondered about the little girl in a photo. We learned that our daughter’s birth mother had shown up at his door once in a fit of anger and shown him a photo we had sent. He remembered a sweet little girl in a red coat. But he didn’t think he would ever know more. Today that is changed. Though we live thousands of miles apart, he can see her photo every time she updates Facebook and Instagram. He and his wife also became parents again and my daughter gets to see photos of a smiling, happy baby boy that is her brother.
As we get ready to celebrate this season of Thanksgiving, James and his family will join our family to share a meal and build new memories. This gathering of different families, from different walks of life reflects all that is true about how big love is and how blessed we all are.

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