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More than 44,500 children in foster care have been adopted on National Adoption Day. It’s a day that represents new lives for children and for their parents. Learn what National Adoption Day means to those who have experienced it first hand.

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Monique H.

Category: Families and adoptees

La Mirada, CA

My husband and I were in the military when we decided that we wanted to adopt a child. We had been married for 8 years and knew it was something we had wanted to do. We were stationed in Arizona and contacted an adoption agency. The agency asked us if we had any preferences on race or gender. For us that was an easy question, we just wanted a child to love and share our lives with. We were blessed because the day after our home study was complete the agency called and told us that a birth mother that lived very close to us had chosen us to adopt. Our birthmother was a beautiful soul and wanted the best for her child. She let my husband and I take her the hospital when she went into labor and allowed me to help deliver our daughter. I was the first person to see or touch our daughter. I knew that our birthmother was making the most difficult decision of her life. Her decision is something that I will never take for granted. My husband and I revolve our lives around our beautiful child who is now a gorgeous 3 year old girl. We let our daughter know that she is special because she has her daddy and mommy that love her and a birthmother that loved her sooo much that she sacrificed her own happiness for our baby. To see our daughter with our family you would never know that she was adopted. Our immediate and extended family showers her with love and they make no difference between her and the biological children in our family. She is the most beautiful gift from God that I have ever received. I can’t imagine creating a child as perfect as her.

Margaret A.

Category: Families and adoptees

Seattle, WA

At just four months old, I was adopted from Seoul, Korea and brought to the United States. I was greeted with my entire new adoptive family at Sea-Tac Airport. Many hugs, kisses and cuddles were given that day. I was also greeted by my older brother, Paul, who was also adopted from Seoul.

I don't remember much from the day that I became a U.S. Citizen, but my parents have a picture of that special day. A photo of my brother and I, and me wearing a little red dress for the special occasion. It was on that day, January 12, 1988 that I became a U.S. Citizen. Growing up, my parents would always take me out to dinner on that special day to celebrate my citizenship. It always made me feel so special. They also would do the same thing for my brother.

I now am a young adult, and live on my own. I am actively advocating for adoption and spreading awareness as much as I can in my day to day activities.

To the children waiting in foster care, there are so many of us out here who are thinking of you, and praying that you will get a permanent home, because you are all just like me, so special and loved.

Lynnette D.

Category: Families and adoptees

Des Moines, IA

This coming Saturday on National Adoption Day, we are going to be blessed by adopting two beautiful daughters ages 6 and 9. They have been with us for almost 15 months and chose this day to make them a part of our family. God brought us together and God has made us a family.

Category: Families and adoptees

Longmont, CO

Category: Families and adoptees

Fort Riley, KS

Category: Families and adoptees

Covina, CA

Dallas, TX Adoption Story

Category: Families and adoptees

Dallas, TX

I am an adoptee and if it was not for my loving parents I don't know where I would be. There have been days when I felt ashamed of who I was because I didn't know who I was. Unlike some adoptive kids who have an idea I was adopted as a small child and don't have a clue who my biological family is. I thank God everyday for this journey I've been on and realize now that I am a special person because God set aside this journey for a few of us and never takes his hand off us! I now have two biological children of my own and the thing I missed the most God has fullfilled because I have been with them from the birth to my daughter graduating from high school to my son sprouting to almost 6 feet at 12 years old. I hope to be a major part and advocate for adoption in America!

Tallahassee, FL Adoption Story

Category: Families and adoptees

Tallahassee, FL

Our adoption story is one worth sharing to inspire hope to those older foster children still waiting for a forever family. We started our adoption journey 8 years ago, having four biological daughters at home,we set out to adopt Jacob(10yr), Josiah(4yr) and Joseph(2yr). One week before we met our boys for the first time, Jacob said to his case worker, "Go ahead and adopt out my baby brothers, I don't want them to suffer anymore because of me. I know no one will ever want me, I'm too old." We fell in love with them and had them adopted within the year. Six months of adjusting to our enlarged family, we received a call from the state saying the boy's birth mom had another son and they wanted to know if we would take him too. We brought Joel,our unexpected blessing home, and had him adopted within the year. Now having 4 girls and 4 boys, our house was very full and very lively. The two older daughters, Diana and Michelle, got married and we moved to a larger home to accomodate our growing family. During all of this, we received another call from the state saying the birth mother had another baby and they asked if we would take him as well. Two days after the second wedding we picked up our 5th son, Jeremiah. In the next two years, he was adopted and our last two daughters, Victoria and Rachel, left home. We got a very unexpected phone call, again from the state, the boys had a 6th brother born. Just two years ago, we adopted Jonathan, the last of our 10 children. We are so thankful the State wanted to keep these children together, and we were able to take them. Our life has been enriched, knowing we were able to restore hope to a child who had lost all hope and keep these brothers together, we are truly blessed! (even though our children were adopted all through the year and not all on national Adoption Day, their adoption story is just as priceless and meaningful.)

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