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More than 44,500 children in foster care have been adopted on National Adoption Day. It’s a day that represents new lives for children and for their parents. Learn what National Adoption Day means to those who have experienced it first hand.

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Dayton Beach Adoption Story

Category: Families and adoptees

Daytona Beach, FL

My husband and I became foster parents to provide a safe and nurturing environment for children in the dependency system. We never new that God had a better plan a more forever plan. We have two children that are beautiful and truly a blessing to us. This year we adopted the two most beautiful, loving, talented and children and we thank God for them both.

Apple Creek, Ohio Adoption Story

Category: Families and adoptees

Apple Creek, OH

Children: 7

We are adopting our 7th child on November 23, 2010. We are adopting through foster care. She was placed in our home at 6 months old. We are naming our daughter Brielle Aleighna and she is the only girl. We will now have 2 biological children and five adopted. We have been foster parents for 15 years and after this adoption we will no longer accept foster children. We are excited to adopt this little girl and finish our family. She is a wonderful addition to the family and is a true princess. She has insisted on wearing her tiara to the adoption. We are so blessed to have such an opportunity to build our family through the foster care system. This has been such a relief since my husband, is battling with tongue cancer. Now that all the treatments are over and he will be able to enjoy this wonderful adoption day. We will soon be adding our wonderful spoiled princess to our home and couldn't be happier as a family.

Saint Michael, MN Adoption Story

Category: Families and adoptees

Saint Michael, MN

My husband, Scott and I have been married for 14 years and have two beautiful biological children, a son who is 10, and a daughter who is 8. We have always felt called to adopt, but were waiting for the "right time".

A year ago this past summer, we came to the realization that there was no such thing as a "right time" and decided to research our options. Through our research, we learned that there are over 700 children in the Minnesota Waiting Children's Program waiting for their forever families. Scott and I decided to search for a child or sibling group younger than our two biological children but were not having much luck finding a good match. Then last February, we had decided to take a break from the search but not before attending one last matching event, an event designed to bring together home study approved families and children waiting for a family. At this event, we met Ashley, a 17-year old girl we had seen on our local news station's "Thursday's Child" segment back in September of '09. When we saw Ashley on television, we thought she seemed like a delightful young lady but were still in the mindset that we were looking for younger children, not a teenage girl for goodness sake!

To make a long story short, the events of that day left my husband and I both believing that we were being called to adopt Ashley. We left the matching event stunned, confused and scared. We knew what we were SUPPOSED to do, but were we ready, willing and able? Many of our friends and family said "Are you CRAZY?!?! You have two healthy, beautiful children, why would you want to bring a teenager into your home?!?" It was an extremely difficult decision but after much discernment, we decided to inquire about adopting Ashley. After going through the process of having those involved in her life determining if we were indeed a good match for her, we brought her home for good this past June 17th. Ashley's adoption will be finalized on National Adoption Day. It is an especially exciting day for her as after having been in foster care since she was 2 years old, her adoption comes just three weeks shy of her 18th birthday. Ashley is a wonderful example of what a blessing these children can be to a family. These are good kids who had the misfortune of having been born to parents unable to care for them and they deserve families too!

Hollywood Foster Care Adoption Story

Category: Families and adoptees

Hollywood, FL

For many of America’s 1.5 million adopted children, the cliché that says “you don’t know where you are going until you know where you have been” brings more questions than answers. Until last week, that was true for me as well. A quarter century ago, a young California woman faithfully placed her child up for adoption. She knew of the adoptive family and they knew of her, but moments after that child was born, the adoption didn’t go through. At that same instant, a family thousands of miles away got a call that forever changed their lives as they were told they had a daughter. That daughter is me.

A few days ago, I had the opportunity to travel 2,689 miles in search of my earliest beginnings. Even after reaching Ontario, California, I was still uncertain if I was truly prepared for this. Could I face my biological mother? Did I want to? What was I hoping to hear, find, and discover? What would I say? And would I get the chance to meet the biological siblings I always dreamed of, a brother and sisters with shared DNA, yet whom until recently I didn’t know existed.

As time passed, I realized there were no easy questions, nor was it likely I’d find answers to truly quiet the curiosity, fantasies, and questions that had been part of my life since my father told me at an early age that he and my mother had chosen me, even though they hadn’t given birth to me.

As I walked into the hotel lobby to meet my biological mother for the first time, I was so nervous I don’t even think I was breathing. However, as soon as we sat down and began to talk, I felt an overwhelming sense of peace. I always knew that she made the right decision, a decision that I am thankful for every day of my life. I knew this was not comfortable for her either. I have always understood that letting me go was not easy, yet I have always understood that at that moment in her life 25 years earlier, it was the decision she unselfishly had to make.

We talked together for some time, but it was mostly me answering questions she nervously asked – not the deep conversation I had sometimes imagined. She shared about her life and asked about mine. The need for answers was quickly surrendered to the opportunity simply to be together for those moments – to see and be seen.

The next night, I met my sisters and brother. We spoke about our lives and searched for similarities, things that would solidify our bond. They all seemed so excited, like they had dreamed of this day just as long as I had. We agreed that we were in a unique situation, that we all had different concerns, emotions and hopes for the future, but the fact that we were able to find a middle ground where we could build a relationship would be amazing.

I returned to South Florida with a sense of peace and comfort I’d not known for many years. In the quiet of my mind, I again reviewed so many years of questions that had now been answered. I thought of my parents, grateful for their choice to accept, raise and love me as their daughter. I thought of my biological mother and siblings, with empathy for the journey of each of their lives. And I thought of the millions of other adopted children throughout the world, wondering if they had similar questions, and if they’d ever have the same opportunity.

I am now working operations manager for the nonprofit PAIRS Foundation where I work to assist in spreading the word about adoption and continue to assist children in the foster care system, who were not blessed with the opportunities I was.

Grand Prairie, Texas Forever Family

Category: Families and adoptees

Grand Prairie, TX

Children: 2

I actually started the adoption process before I had my biological son in 2006. People thought I was crazy, a young black female, mid-twenties, no kids and single. But it was a desire of my heart, and I was determined to make a difference. Fast forwarding about 4 years......January 2009, my son turned 3 and I restarted the process. He needed a sibling and I wanted another child. I searched the TARE website daily! In April I saw a little boy who touched my heart. He had been physically abused and actually lived in the DFW area. I contacted my case worker and the rest was history. I was choosen for him and the process was fast and smooth. He was in my home at the end of May and I adopted him in November of 2009 on NATIONAL ADOPTION DAY. I am forever grateful to EVERYONE who was involved. That day was awesome and will never be forgotten. I will always make it a priority to volunteer on NAD so another family can experience what I did.

Saginaw, Michigan Forever Family

Category: Families and adoptees

Saginaw, MI

Children: 1

About 25 years ago I decided that I wanted children. After my husband passed away, I decided that I was going to adopt. I was excited to hear that I was accepted for adoption, and that I could pick up my daughter in one month. I had thought up many names for her, and then I remembered that my husband had a sister, whom he had loved very much, had passed away when he was in high school. I had decided to name her after her. The month had arrived and I went to pick up my 10 month old baby, Joanna Marie. I have never been happier.

Dennis and Patti

Category: Families and adoptees

Syracuse, NY

On July of this year we traveled to China and adopted our little girl of 5 years old and we were so excited. That was just on step in a long journey for us as a "forever family" that started nearly 3 years ago.

After being told that I would not be having any children of my own I really had no question in my mind that the next step would be adoption. I myself am adopted and have wonderful parents. I have had the best role models and knew that I wanted to be Mother just like my Mother did. So we started out on the journey to adopt. When we went to New Life Adoption in Syracuse we filled out paper work for both Domestic and Chinese adoption. Never dreaming that we would be able to adopt two children. We have been blessed with a little baby boy that was placed in our foster care at two days old back in 2008. On National Adoption Day we will finally become his "forever family". I can't believe what great gifts I have been given. I did this for only one reason. I wanted to be a mother just like my Mother. She has shown me great love and for that I am thankful. I can't wait until the 19th of November. For me it is like giving birth.

Jackie's Story

Category: Families and adoptees

Naples, FL

I always wanted to have children - non-negotiable and the only thing in my life that I was always certain of. I began my quest to have a biological child in 1984. Fast forward - I married my husband in 2002. On 3/1/07 we became foster parents, met Angelo on 3/12/07, he came to live with us on 3/18/07 and on 10/23/08 legally became our son. He was our son since the first time we met him.

Twenty three years is a long time, age 45, but God had a plan. One of the most interesting pieces is that we moved to Las Vegas, Nevada in 2005 for my husband's job, planning to adopt from China. After being in Las Vegas for a very short time, it was made very clear that we were meant to foster/adopt. We proceeded with getting licensed as foster parents. While we thought the reason for Las Vegas was a job -it clearly was for our son.

We relocated back to Florida in 2009 after both being laid off in the first quarter of 2009 in Nevada. Our intent was always to move back to Florida and while it's been a challenge economically, I would not have changed anything as I finally realized my life dream and am blessed beyond belief with the most wonderful husband and son.

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